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Tiger Balm Storage or Gift Box

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Fred Housel

Project by

Fred Housel
Warren, Ohio

General Information

A coworker gave me some of this balm to help with some neck pain. It’s weird, but very awesome stuff. To return the favor I made him a storage container to keep jars in. You can recreate this with different thickness material, but I used some offcut cherry that was about 7.5mm thick.

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Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood (×4)

6" × 12" × 1/8" Cherry Wood


from Inventables

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from Inventables


Plan it out

5 minutes

I apologize. Like a lot of my projects, I just use what I have, so I didn’t work from a standard material size or thickness. I made my Easel files easily configurable to different thicknesses though. Be sure to read the notes on each workpiece and plan your project out accordingly. Take a pair of calipers to an actual bottle to check your measurements.

Like all of my projects, If you like these, make them! If you make them for sale, all I ask is that you credit me by linking back to this project page in all product descriptions.


Cut the base

5 minutes

This base will be the platform that all of the wall layers are stacked on.


Cut the walls

45 minutes

In the notes of this workpiece, I’ve kinda explained that you should target about 37-39mm + a thickness layer. This will give you the number of walls that will contain the jar and accept the bottom portion of the lid.


Cut the lid

8 minutes

Cut out the lid workpieces. In the notes of this workpiece you’ll see some assembly tips, but it’s pretty straightforward. There is a top piece and a bottom piece to the lid that need to be glued together. The bottom piece sits inside of the container (which is why you have an “extra wall piece.”


Glue party

20 minutes

When gluing these up, I glued two set of three wall pieces, clamped, dried, then glued the two wall piece sets and the base together… clamped and waited.

For the lid, I dropped a bit of glue on the small hexagon and visually centered it on the larger hexagon. Then I flipped the walls of the container on top and used them to help center the small hexagon on top of the larger one. After I felt that things we’re centered I clamped them to dry.

After gluing all of the pieces together, put a jar inside of the container, put the lid on, and hit all six exterior walls on a disc sander for nice flat and clean walls.


Put a design on the lid (optional)

15 minutes

Use the half-assed .svg I put on the project page to laser engrave the lid design.



After optional engraving, sand the walls with high grit paper so everything is nice and smooth. I finished mine with my favorite mineral oil and beeswax.