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Tool holder/organizer with clipboard clip

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Title explains it, this is a tool bit holder and organizer that lays out my commonly used cutting bits, paper pad and pen. Salvaged and old clipboard clip by drilling the rivot and screwing it to the board to hold my note pad for jotting down ideas and measurements. Files coming soon.

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step 1 - chuck up an 1/8" bit of your choosing

1 minute

There are no specific instructions to be noted in order to cut this, the only thing I recommend is that you select the border, copy it so it can be saved for a second cut, and then delete it and cut everything else first. I finder it easier and safer to tell the computer to cut everything pocket wise first, then reset the bit depth on a second cut, since after every cut the machine goes back to the “home” position. the material I use for this project is one of the 17ish" wide, 6’ long glue up boards from Home Depot which are only $20. If I remember correctly, they’re right at .69" thick, not quite 3/4’ but close according to my calipers. I use the shorter 1/8" bits from Inventables and cut the collar off for the outline cut, I do this because the wood I used is thicker than the cutting depth of the bit, which you can do at your own discretion if you decide to do so, and I assume zero responsibility for anything you do decide to do. I only note this because I have had terrible results when cutting with the long 1/8" fishtail bits, bad chatter and tones of vibrations and deflection with this material, so I just tend to stay away from them. What you decide to do is your choice and yours alone. If you decide to make one of these I hope you enjoy it and get as much use out of it as I do, I find myself reaching for this thing multiple times on every project I cut. If you modify it, please upload a picture if at all possible, I’m interested to see customized version of this to suit the needs of others. Cheers!

al forte
Hello, I tried to look at the project but it did not open says -> Sad easel This project has not been shared publicly
al forte
I'm not exactly sure why it isn't wanting to open, I just tested it as it opened fine for me I'll post a link here, hope it works. Please feel free to upload any remakes, I'm interested to see how they turn out!
Dominick Marino
I get the same error, says it has not been shared publicly.
Dominick Marino