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TOP GUN Inspired Cookie Stamps

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Shalee Sykes

Project by

Shalee Sykes
Kennewick, Washington

General Information

Maverick, Goose, and Cookies! Can you ask for a better trio? The new Easel Pro Design Library had the exactly what was needed for this fun family project (Aviator Sunglasses, Fighter Jets, and bold Stars). Made with food safe Hard Maple, Butcher Block Oil, a little bit of flour, and excited kids.

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Hard Maple

Hard Maple

6" × 12" × 3/4" Hard Maple


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Cut Wood

25 minutes

Cut out design with a 60-degree v-bit. Change bit to a 1/8 in bit and carve out designs outer circle. Sand.



Using your favorite Butcher Block oil, treat the wood and let dry.


Make Dough

Make yummy shortbread cookies!


Cut and Bake

Cut out circles larger than your stamp. Using firm pressure push in the design. Bake! YUM!



My favorite recipe!

John McWhirter
This is great. I'm surprised that cookie dough can retain such fine details.
John McWhirter