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Toy Cop Car

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Jeremy Harrison

Project by

Jeremy Harrison

General Information

This is my submission for the Power Hour Challenge. This retro looking Police Car is easy to make and is loved by kids of all generations.

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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood

Thickness: 3/4 in don't use, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in don't use


Prepare wood

Cut a piece of wood at least 11″×7.25″. I used 1×8 lumber from the big box store, but you could use any material you wish. Clamp material securely to the waste board and prepare to carve.



Load the easel file for this cut and set up machine. If you wanted to make the carve go even faster you could delete the axle holes and drill them by hand at a later time. I decided to have the machine do it for me. Click carve and wait.


Sand and Paint

Once carved sand everything nice and smooth since this will be used by children.. Paint to your liking. I went with a retro look, but you could go with any scheme you wish.

Once painted attach the wheels and enjoy.