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V-Carving Design Challenge

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Brandon Cullum

Project by

Brandon Cullum
Athens, USA

General Information

Let’s see your design chops. Enter to win some amazing prizes like a brand new X-Carve!

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1. The Challenge

To go along with our brand new toolpath features for V-Carving we want to see what you can make! Create a design that incorporates V-Carving and carve it out to enter to win some amazing prizes.

Check below for the winners!


2. The Requirements

1. Your design must feature at least ONE design from our brand new Pro Design Library (the apple icon). Feel free to use as many or as few as you see fit. We are awarding on overall creativity so have at it!

2. Carve your design out, we want to see what you make in the real world!

3. Post your design.

4. Include a picture of your carved design while posting your project.


3. How to Enter

To enter the challenge post a remake to this project. You can add a remake at the bottom of this page by clicking “Prove it, add yours+”.

Also be sure that your Easel project has been shared publicly !

Check out the winners below!


4. The Winners

First Place: One X-Carve
Shane Jamerson – Doll Cradle

Second Place: 1 year of Easel Pro
Matt Slaga – Anniversary Bench

Third Place: $100 Inventables Gift Card
Troy Brady – US Navy Officer Crest



Who is eligible?
This challenge is open to all Easel Pro subscribers and all Easel users with a Easel Pro trial.

What if I’m not in the United States?
That’s totally fine!

How will the winners be picked?
A panel of awesome makers both inside and outside of Inventables will vote on their favorites!

Colin Parker
Your links do not work for this contest!!
Colin Parker
Colin Parker
Sorry. It was complicated but worked in the end!
Colin Parker
Troy Brady
Is the live stream today (5/10)?
Troy Brady
Boyd Wedin
was a winner picked?
Boyd Wedin
Don Minchello
Was a win wet picked yet?
Don Minchello
Don Minchello
Don Minchello
Rick Scheck
When will the winner be announced?
Rick Scheck
Troy Brady
Does anyone know if this has been decided?
Troy Brady
Matt Slaga
During the livestream yesterday (6/23), it was noted at the end that they will announce the winners today (6/24).
Matt Slaga