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Wahoo Game Board

Martin Gutzmer

Project by

Martin Gutzmer
Rural Bishop Hill , USA

General Information

11 inch Game Board designed for golf tees and 16 mm dice. Not all golf tees are the same diameter, and dice are not exact in size. measure before cutting. 8 in. version. in description
I used pine boards, and “soft maple” for the wood setting.

Like this project

measure dice and golf tees

2 minutes

Not all Golf Tees are .20 some are .24 and I have had some bags that are .29
Measure before cutting.
Also some "16mm’ dice are WAY over, so measure and adjust the storage squares.
I bought different color dice and tees on EBay and Amazon in bulk.
The Eight Inch Version is at this link:


Finish and feet

I have used shellac and sometimes polyurethane as a finish, and both work well.
I have put little stick on feet on the bottom, and have found that each corner of the puzzle seems to need one, especially if people lean on the puzzle as they play!