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Wedding Anniversary - Monogram

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Steven Vasquez

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Steven Vasquez

General Information

Bamboo Cutting Boards Monogram

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Edit Text

In Easel:

- Edit the text of the First name of the married couple.

- Edit the larger text of the Last name of the married couple.

- Edit the the Wedding Date text.



I carved the larger Last Name text with a 1/32" up-cut bit.

Keeping the same XY Zero, I then switched to a 60° V bit for the finer text and swirl lines.

60°V bit settings I used:
- Bit with 0.010 in
- 50 in/min feed
- Plunge 9 in/min
- Depth per pass 0.01 in

Alternatively you can use the default V bit settings from Easel PRO.



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Harrell Rawlins
Took your design and added a twist on it.
Harrell Rawlins