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Wedding Date Sign

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Seth Porter

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Seth Porter

General Information

Change the name and date, design should self center. Ensure that the dimensions match the size of your board. I used a solid piece of walnut 26 inches long for this project. Your sizes may differ based on the length of the last name. You may want to adjust font sizes.

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Edit the text

5 minutes

Open the project and edit the text with the names and date you want.

Ensure that the workpiece dimensions match the piece of wood you have. I used solid walnut.

Use the align tools to make sure everything is centered.



30 minutes

It is important to carve this design using a v bit so that you can get all the detail. I used a 90 degree one, but you could also get good results using a 60 degree.

Actual carving time was 24 minutes using the recommended settings in Easel.



5 minutes

Use sanding sealer over the entire project, making sure to get plenty into the letters and around the letters. This will help you when you paint so you don’t need to worry about staying in the letters. I used a water based minwax sanding sealer. After sealing, I waiting about 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.



10 minutes

I use a fine brush to paint on 2 coats of white Rustoleum high gloss protective enamel. This helps the text shine and pop. It gives great contrast with the dark walnut. I let it dry for about 24 hours before sanding.



5 minutes

I used a sander with 120 grit sandpaper to sand the front of the workpiece. This gets all the stray paint off the top surface around the letters. The paint will stay inside the letters since it is below the surface. Then I used the sander to round the edges, and smooth all the sides. I repeated it with 220 grit as well to give a smoother surface. Be sure to vacuum or shopvac all the sawdust off afterwards.


Coat in Polyurethane

5 minutes

This step is optional, but I decided to protect the workpiece by spraying it with minwax glossy polyurethane spray. This darkened the walnut color as well, and helped the white lettering to be a bit more glossy. That’s the last step, and your sign is now complete!

Justin Keele
Just curious, why would you need to get sanding sealer into the letters? You only need it outside the letters to keep the paint for seeping into the wood, making sanding off the excess paint much easier. Right? Or am i missing something? Thanks! The sign looks amazing!
Justin Keele
At what step did you apply the stain?