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Wooden Ford Mustang

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Arne Friedrich

Project by

Arne Friedrich
Hohenlinden, Germany

General Information

With this project you can carve your own wooden Ford Mustang. Just to play with or even to use it as decoration.

Here is the Video:

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Material Description Price
Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood



90 minutes

First step is to carve all parts.
I used one sheet of multiplex plywood in this case it was 600 × 300 mm and had a thickness of 12 mm. If the material is thicker you get a wider car.
All parts are carved on one plate.


glue together

60 minutes

i glued it in steps together to get it exact matching. Orientation is the rear.
Take car to clean squeeze out before drying.


Cleaning tyre holes and mount axis

10 minutes

take car to clean the holes for the axis.
The axis is a round bar of 10 mm diameter, i glued one Tyre into place. After its dry i put the axis in, dryfit the other Tyre and cuted the axis to lengh. Afterward i glued it up.



20 minutes

This step is the most intense. If you are worked precise before it will be easier.
You have to sand everything i started with 120 grid and ended be 320.
You can sound the edges if you like.

At the end I coded my car with furniture wax.

The other car you can see in the picture got some patina before by using chalk paint.

Arne Friedrich
Nice one...
Arne Friedrich
Martin Gutzmer
would this fit a Pinewood Derby Track?
Martin Gutzmer