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Wooden Snowflake Ornament

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Alex Berger

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Alex Berger
Chicago, USA

General Information

Walnut Christmas decoration

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Walnut Wood Veneer

Walnut Wood Veneer

Dimensions: 7.75 in × 11.75 in, Thickness: .007 in, Style: #170 Fleece backer

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from Inventables


Cut ornament

Click the “Open in Easel” button near the top of the page to get ready to cut the snowflake on your Shapeoko. My wood veneer was 0.1" thick and I used a 1/16" bit, so these are the default settings. Click “Carve”, then watch the holiday magic happen.


Bling out your Christmas tree

Loop a piece of string or cord through the hole in the top of the ornament, then hang it from your tree.

David Haykus
Do you have a digital file for this you could post? I don't yet have any type of CNC from Inventables and I could probably adapt it to the lasers I have access to at my local Tech Shop. Thank you very much.
David Haykus
Alex Berger
Hey David! I just posted an svg of the design. Hopefully that should work on a laser cutter. Cheers!
Alex Berger