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X-Carve Replica Whiskey Holder

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Julio Reyes

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Julio Reyes

General Information

This my simple version of my design for a liquor/ whiskey bottle & glass set holder. This was my first Easel project and designing it was a blast. I wanted to capture the shape of the X-Carve with side board to hold glass, the bottle as the spindle, and the base as MDF waste board. All under 60 min.

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Material Description Price
MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/2 in


Soft Maple - Hardwood Type

Soft Maple - Hardwood Type (×4)

Dimensions: 6 in × 12 in - don't use, Thickness: 1/2 in - don't use

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Step-1 Carve Side Panels (Mini CNC Maker Slides)

12 minutes

You will need to run this program twice (both sides of Mini CNC) & place aside for later assembly


Step-2 Carve Bottom Panel (Gantry Bottom)

7 minutes

Depending on what bottle you plan to use this will be per your modification. I designed mine to fit a 750 ml square Jack Daniels bottle.


Step-3 Carve Top Panel (Gantry Top)

10 minutes

Again here depending on what bottle you plan to use here is your place for modifying the opening to hold the bottle. Mine is square


Step-4 Carve Bottom Base (Mini CNC Waste + Side Board)

19 minutes

This is where you can really make it yours. I engraved just the X-Carve name where the spindle (bottle) would carve into the waste board.


Step-5 Assembly

11 minutes

I’m going to say this will take about 11 minutes so total time will be at 59min. Sand and smooth all parts paint as desired I would paint my side rails black to match X-Carve and clear coat MDF to prevent any water damage. Place all parts together with glue/screws.


Step-6 Enjoy!

1 minute

Most important is to enjoy the in between time of carving.

AHHHH last 1 min sip to complete this build for Inventables 60 min power hour challenge.

Please Drink Responsibly :)