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X-Carve Video Instructions: New Brit Workshop

Mo Stych

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Mo Stych

General Information

Peter at the New Brit Workshop put together a series of videos on how to assemble the current X-Carve model. The videos showcase a 750mm X-Carve, but the same steps apply to any X-Carve size.

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Getting Started and Waste Board

This video correlates with steps 1 and 2 in the X-Carve instructions.


Side Plates, X-Carriage, and Z-Axis

This video correlates with steps 3, 4, and 5 in the X-Carve instructions.


Gantry and X-Carriage Alignment

This video correlates with steps 6 and 7 in the X-Carve instructions.


Belting, Tension Adjustment, and Spindle

This video correlates with steps 8 and 9 in the X-Carve instructions.



This video correlates with steps 10 and 11 in the X-Carve instructions.



This video correlates with step 12 in the X-Carve instructions.


Calibration, Testing, and Computer Setup

This video correlates with steps 13 and 14 in the X-Carve instructions.


Dust Shoe Assembly and Fitting

This video correlates with the Dust Control System assembly instructions.


Setting Up Your First Carve

This video is an excellent resource for setting up your first carve.

Randy Lester
Great videos, my X Carve will be here Monday.
Randy Lester