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Zero Finder Plate

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Brandon Hilder

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Brandon Hilder

General Information

This is a quick x+y zero finding plate.

After shipping and exchange the Triquetra 3 axis zeroing block ( costs $120CN
which I will probably end up getting eventually.

But until then, I cut this out of some scrap aluminum.

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3 minutes

To use this plate, I cut a 1/8" drill bit in half and use the smooth part chucked up in the Dewalt.

I then use it to align the bit with the hole in the plate.

Then I raise the z and swap it out for a 1/8 bit I then zero the Z manually with a piece of paper.
Sometimes it is easier to move the X+Y one inch into the material got get a good reference area for the Z then move it back again before starting the cut.

If your using a 1/8 cutter you could probably skip some steps and align the bit to the hole.

You could probably make this with some birch plywood if your short on aluminum.
I used a 1/4" thick aluminum plate.