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Red MDF Sheet

Strong, organically dyed wood fiber panels

Red MDF Sheet
Price Part Number Dimensions Thickness
$11.31 8 in × 12 in 1/4 in

Product Details


  • Organically dyed all the way through
  • Easy to machine
  • Little to no sanding required after machining
  • Non-toxic

Forescolor® is a through-color wood fiber panel. Individual fibers are impregnated with organic dye and chemically bonded by resin specially developed to give the panel its special properties. It’s an evolution of MDF and fits somewhere between a wood fiber board and a solid surface, because of the specially formulated resin within the board. It is at least 30% stronger and more stable/resistant than standard MDF board. It is completely moisture resistant, provided the correct finish is applied. Forescolor® increases the life span of tools used in its manufacturing due to a lubricant agent in its composition.

This material is classified E0 (low on formaldehyde, less than or equal to 0.07ppm) according to European norms. It has been approved by the British standards association as safe to use in the manufacture of children’s toys.

Forescolor® is manufactured from FSC certified pine.

These sheets are best suited for interior applications. Slight color variations may occur from sheet to sheet. The surface may contain very minor scratches or scuffs that can be sanded out.

Technical Data

Cut tolerance

+/- 1/16"




1/4 in



Files & Attachments

Data Sheet

Colored MDF Data Sheet.pdf