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"Gears of Creation" Sign

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Casey Wood

Project by

Casey Wood

General Information

“Gears of Creation” was a concept I thought about when realizing all the amazing things created by the motors and gears used to create the X-Carve. I used a sprocket file from Inventables “Pro Design Gallery” and designed a connecting bracket with logo all sitting atop a motor to drive the sprocket!

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All Info and Instructions for "Gears of Creation"

160 minutes

All the files for this project can be made with plywood, like the Easel project above, but my images of my finished product was done using aluminum sheet, MDF, Plywood, and HDPE from Inventables materials. If you would like to create it as I did, and of course you could change out their logo for your own, use the Easel file links below.

List of Materials:

2 – Washers
1 – Screw
1- Plastic Tube 1” Long with .25” OD (Any Hardware Store)
1 – Flange Plastic Tube approx 1” Long (Any Hardware Store)

Plywood (1/8” 18×24):

MDF (1/2” 12×24):
Easel File:

Black Aluminum Sheet (12×12)
Easel File:

Yellow HDPE (1/4” 12×12):
Easel File:

Electric Motor:

LED Lights with Remote (pick your color and lighting effects):

Sprocket Bolts:

devin J crowe
do you have any more in depth pics on how you made the back plate spin while the front logo sits Still
devin J crowe
Warren M Radcliff
Beautiful but just like Devin Crowe, I too would like to know how you made the front logo sit still.
Warren M Radcliff