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Beyond Design

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Beyond Design
Chicago, Illinois

General Information

Simple key ring designed to work with a rubber band or a number 12 o-ring. I included a separate section for looping in a lanyard or carabiner. This area could also be reserved for a custom engraving.

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Grey MDF Sheet

Grey MDF Sheet

(Do not use)

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Customize Design

This design is pretty easy to customize. You can do something as simple as removing the circle and replacing it with an engraving. You can crop that entire half of the design and create a whole new function or form, keeping only the clasp part.

MDF works well for this product, its durable and comes in many colors, but this could also look good in plastic or a premium wood material.


Test cut and refine

This design cuts really fast, making it easy to cut a design and see how it works before going back to the drawing board. I made about a dozen of these before I settled on the final design


Mill Design

Use a 1/16" endmill to cut the design. You can cut one file, or easily batch this and cut dozens out of one sheet.

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Matthew Kent Huddleston
where can I find these rubber bands?
Matthew Kent Huddleston
nigel fagutori
think those are some o rings large size probably
nigel fagutori