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Simple Stand

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Beyond Design

Project by

Beyond Design
Chicago, Illinois

General Information

A simple stand design suitable for books, tablets, and more. The stand is designed to fit most small or medium sized paperback books. It can also be scaled to suit larger books or other needs (such as a phone stand). The back can be customized with different patterns, textures, or images.

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Material Description Price
Grey MDF Sheet

Grey MDF Sheet

(Do not use)


Adjust file for material thickness

The attached easel files were designed for .32" MDF. If the material you wish to use is different than this then open the SVG in the digital files section and adjust the slot widths to the correct size.

At this point you can also change the overall size of the design to suit your needs. Just be careful to make sure everything still lines up. Try printing a paper version to test the new proportions.


Customize the top section

For this area I created a simple linear pattern. This could almost anything, even an etching of an image, icon, or pattern.

Use this blank version of the EASEL link


Mill the parts

For this cut try using double sided tape to secure the material. This will help with the small parts. Use a 1/16" endmill to keep tight interior corners, creating the best fit.

Use your customized Easel file or use this link



Once your parts are cut they should snugly fit together. If there are any tolerance issues, use a small file to enlarge the slots, or sand the parts to be slightly thinner.

Included in the file are two different size hooks. Pick the best size based on your desired use. You can also cut these in a different accent material.

Bob Jewell
Any chance that you could include the pattern that you used for the smaller stand?
Bob Jewell
Beyond Design
No problem Bob. I added a SVG that has the smaller stand with a pattern
Beyond Design
Its really good from what school are you and in what grade?
how do I adjust the size of the slot widths? I don't think there's a measurement tool in Easel... Is there another software tool that you recommend that would allow me to make measurable changes to the SVG files?
How do the pieces fit together?
Jonathan Hornak
For anyone looking to do this, make sure you don't make the same mistake as I did and use .500 MDF. None of the parts fit together until I filed them all down haha. Great template though!
Jonathan Hornak
Eric Cisneros
Where did you get the 3/8 inch colored MDF?
Eric Cisneros
Mike Larsen
You can always use thicker board and overlay a pocket tool path and set its depth so the final board thickness is the width you need. 1/2" board and you need 3/8"? Create a pocket path spanning the entire board (minus clamp areas)at .115" deep. THEN, cut out individual parts in the pocket area..
Mike Larsen