Getting Started with 3D Carving

For years, 3D printing has been the hot topic in the maker world. But there’s another type of desktop manufacturing that’s become the go-to choice for anyone who needs quick, durable results—3D carving.

Instead of slowly depositing layers of plastic, a 3D carver starts with a solid block of material and carves away using a rotating metal bit. 3D carving is faster than 3D printing, offers a wider choice of materials, and creates quality, permanent products.

This book was written for people who have never carved before. It teaches the basics of designing and making things with Inventables’ software (Easel) and 3D carving machines (X-Carve and Carvey). It showcases five step-by-step projects you can build yourself as a beginner, including an inspiration tile, kitchen cutting board, custom block stamp, fidget spinner, and balsa wood glider. The book also features a gallery of aspirational projects, like an electric guitar and a box joint toolbox, to show what else is possible through 3D carving. The design files and instructions for these more complex projects can be found on the Inventables website.